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Proper Preparation of Grains and Legumes Video by Sarah Pope – Weston A Price

Print – PDF – EmailSarah Pope is a local chapter leader in Florida. She also blogs as The Healthy Home Economist. TRANSCRIPT: PROPER PREPARATION OF GRAINS AND LEGUMES By Sarah Pope The focus of the Western diet on grain-based foods has contributed greatly to an explosion of chronic disease in the past few decades – especially […]

Source: Proper Preparation of Grains and Legumes Video by Sarah Pope – Weston A Price

Today on my allotment when I was potting up 25 courgette plants kindly donated by Wendy for our community planting project, I spied some bees “dancing” around the mulch on the adjacent plot. What went through my mind as a bee advocate, was whether I should encourage the plot holders to get the mulch moved ASAP before the bees took up residence?
Then this evening I watched a talk by one of my hero’s Paul Stamets Wow.
“Bees are attracted to rotting logs specifically for their immunilogical benefit as part of their host defense for their immunity, they are not going to a rotting log just because they want to be on a rotted log, there is species specificity here, they can up-regulate their immune system, give them a host defense anti viral shield, allow them to detoxify toxins and allow them to be better pollinators, 30% of our food is directly pollinated by bees and 70% of our food is controlled by pollinators.”

I was wrong about the bees looking for a new home and this video brought me back to reality as to why I use a no dig, mulching system that encourages slugs and snails to eat my plants..its all about the mycellium and its good to share right? Two thirds for me and one third for the wildlife (getting there lol)
Watch this video…it might just blow your mind!